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Adam Sackrin is a tenacious advocate for people whose voices might not otherwise be heard. As a practicing mental health, family and elder law attorney in South Florida, he has represented some of our most vulnerable citizens through the most sensitive matters in their lives, often when nobody else would. As a product of K-12 public schooling in Miami-Dade, he studied and accepted global warming from a young age. As a native and lifelong Miamian, he understands how vibrant and diverse the people of our city are-- and so too are their needs and concerns. As an environmental and progressive advocate, he’s seen firsthand how dirty politics constantly block and ignore the initiatives that need to be taken, to society’s detriment. The people of Miami deserve a newer, louder voice in Congress. Adam Sackrin is that political “new blood” to shake things up in Washington. He’s motivated, energized, and ready to start moving forward, making progress on Day One. We have needs that our federal government has not been meeting, and we are finally doing something about it. Miami is a world leader, a global city in the 21st century, and our changing needs require different representation. Progressive, inclusive, common-sense advocacy, and a promise to act on climate change, get money out of politics and ensure equal rights for all is why Florida’s 27th district is excited to vote Adam Sackrin for Congress in 2016.

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August, 30 2016





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