Rail Safety Technology

Rail Safety Technology Now Fully Deployed Nationwide A new safety technology that could have prevented a series of deaths and millions in damages due to railway accidents has now been implemented prior to deadlines set by Congress. The technology, called Positive Train Control, is intended to prevent accidents caused by human error, which is most […]

Train Inspection Technology

Canadian National keen on adopting new automated technology NEWSWIRE TORONTO — Canadian National is moving from proof-of-concept to full-scale deployment of several technology projects that aim to make the railway more reliable, safe, and efficient. “We’re done with the trying. We’re now deploying,” CEO J.J. Ruest told shareholders and analysts at the railroad’s investor day […]

Freight rail Safest Modification

Freight rail is one of the safest industries in the nation. This achievement is due in large part to the industry’s strong safety culture, visible in everything from training to operational protocols. Even so, accidents sometimes occur. From 2013 to 2017, issues with track and equipment were responsible for 42% of train accidents and human […]

robots modification industrial

Definition The IFR’s use of the term “industrial robot” is based on the definition of the International Organization for Standardization: an “automatically controlled, reprogrammable multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes”, which can be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications. (ISO 8373) The terms used in the definition […]

modification automation cluster

Crestview Partners completed the sale of JR Automation to Hitachi for $1.425 billion on Dec. 27. Prior to the sale, the private equity firm had considered taking JR Automation public, but instead opted to sell the company once Hitachi expressed interest, executives confirmed to MiBiz. JR Automation positions for future with sale to Hitachi In […]

modification for inovation business

Automation Is Driving American Industry Virtually every business is looking for ways to utilize automation to improve effectiveness and cut costs. The food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging industries are among those finding solutions in custom designed machinery to meet their specific needs. Along with government mandated regulations for safety, the fiscal need for efficiency and […]

Electric and safety system motorcycle

Norton’s future: “assisted riding, safety systems and electric bikes” One of the new Joint Directors of Norton Motorcycles has unveiled TVS’ plans for the iconic British brand THE new owners of Norton Motorcycles have unveiled its plan to take the brand to take it back to its glory days as a luxury motorcycle maker. The […]

Smart Safe motorcycle

Smart Technologies for the Future of Safe Motorcycle Riding It is an unfortunate fact of life that riding a motorcycle is not as safe as driving a car. In 2013, while motorcycle accidents accounted for only 4% of the people hurt on the roads of America, they accounted for 14% of traffic fatalities. Thankfully, just […]

BMW designed future motorcycle

Designed for the future, BMW offers active cruise control for motorcycles Relaxed cruising with active cruise control has been available in cars for many years. Now, this system is becoming available for BMW motorcycles and offers the driver a new, more comfortable driving experience. The new BMW Motorrad Active Cruise Control (ACC). Cruise control with […]

modification for road safety

The future of road safety: A worldwide perspective Abstract Estimates by the World Health Organization suggest that, on a yearly basis, road crashes kill 1.25 million people—nearly 3400 road fatalities per day—and injure up to 50 million. Traffic injuries are not equally spread over the world, however; some countries are hit harder than others, and […]